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Social Suite Extension for Magento


Social Suite Extension is one of the best fully featured extension that allows you to auto post , social login from social media and share/send message on social media. This extension is fully package of social media.

Product Description

Social Suite Extension is one of the best fully featured extension that can be easily managed from the back-end from store. It allows you to auto post products on social media, login from social media and share and send message on social media. This extension is fully package of social media.


  • Easy to install and manage from backend.
  • Unlimited auto post, share on social media.
  • Show login button on login page for login through social media.
  • Auto post your product at the time of create product and edit product in admin panel.
  • Share your page on social media.
  • Send message to friends group on social media.
  • Use template tags or XML Layout Updates and be even more flexible on where to add code on the page .


This extension uses social media library classes so there is no conflict issue arise with other extensions and we have created separated module for that so there is no changes occur at the time of magento updation or theme updation.

Please logout and login again in the admin back-end after installing the extension to avoid the issue of 404 error. Magento load all configuration file at the time of login and after installing the extension you need to logout from magento so that changes are reflected in admin panel.

Support and warranty

We do not offer refunds as we usually help our clients with the installation and provide suggestions for modifications in case any are needed. Support questions are usually answered within 2 working days.

With the Social Suite Extension it is possible to post ,share and login with social media.

Installation, Upgrade

System Requirements

  • Magento version 1.4.x or higher
  • PHP version 5.2.0 or higher

Installation through Magento Connect

With these steps you will be able to install the Social Suite Extension in your website.

  • Extract the .tzg file from the zip file you have downloaded.
  • Disable all caches under “System > Cache Management” and make sure Magento Compilation is disabled under “System > Tools > Compilation”. This is necessary to avoid any caching problems after the installation of an extension.
  • Log into your Magento Connect Manager with your admin credentials.
  • Select the .tzg file you have extracted in step one in the browse field under the option “Direct package file upload” as shown below and then click the upload button.
  • Wait until the upload and installation process is finished and click the refresh button below the command line textarea afterwards.
  • Go the where is the URL where your Magento installation is located. If you are already logged in to the backend please log out and login again as this will prevent you from getting a 404 error on the extension pages due to permissions that have not been set for the logged in user. After logging in you can enable your cache settings under “System > Cache Management” and if used enable Magento Compilation under “System > Tools > Compilation”. The installation is now completed. You can view the extension in menu “Vivacity Extension-> Vivacity social extension”.


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