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The developer was extremely helpful and offered prompt and courteous technical support in helping me getting the extension Easy Product Slider up and running on my web store!


I had trouble installing magento extension “Per Product Flat Shipping” and their support installed it for me in quick time.
Thanks guys.


The product “Easy Responsive Product Slider Magento Extension” is excellent and support is great. I would always prefer to buy modules from them.


if there are problems during installation or configuration “Easy Product Slider“, be sure the service desk will help you.
highly recommend!


“I have installed this (Facebook Like Box In Sidebar)extention recently and it was installed in very easy steps without an error.”
I recommend 100%

Johan Blase

“This review works exactly as described! The company is extremely helpful and offers great technical support if you have any issues installing this extension Per Product Flat Shipping to your store.” Highly recommended!


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