About Magento 2

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Magento 2.0, the next generation open source e-commerce CMS is now available, Download new code by visiting the Community Edition page. Magento 2 has come with a brand new architecture and database design. We have prepared a list for useful resource website links for you. Magento Framework Magento Solution Partner Program How to … Continue reading About Magento 2

How to add CSS & Javascript to Magento Themes?

In Web development JS & CSS files play a vital role, and work as a backbone or skelton of your website. While working on a Magento project you can do this into your Magento layout files. For adding JS or CSS, you can do this in xml layout files using methods/action: <action method="addJs"/> <action method="addCss"/> … Continue reading How to add CSS & Javascript to Magento Themes?