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Per Product Flat Shipping Rate Magento Extension

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Per Product Flat Shipping Rate extension enables you to set flat rate for per product & additional product.
Magento CE: 1.5.x to 1.9.x Compatible

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Product Description

Per Product Flat Shipping Rate extension enables you to set flat rate per product and as well additional product with country restriction option. It allows you the flexibility to specify a flat rate shipping amount for each product individually.

Now Admin user can set to which country that flat shipping will be applied to, he can also add flat shipping for rest of the world.

The Per Product Flat Shipping Extension gives you the ability to set your shipping rates on a product-by-product basis in your Magento store. You can enter flat shipping rates for each of your products in the admin panel and Shipping Rate will be calculated by total shipping charges when your customers go to checkout page.

The Per Product Flat Shipping Extension also gives you control of calculating shipping on multiple items. For example, you can add a flat rate shipping fee when there is more than one of the same product in the cart. This gives your customers to get more products in less shipping charges.

This Extension override the default Magento Flat rate features, so admin user can set flat shipping price on per product for first item and for additional item.



  • Allow Flat shipping for per first product with country restriction
  • Allows flat rate shipping per additional product with country restriction
  • Free professional installation on Community Edition
  • Admin user can choose countries to which flat shipping of product will be applied and he can set flat shipping for rest of the world.



You can install extension by using Magento Connect, It allows you to install free as well paid Magento extensions.

You can download extension zip from your order email, and follow the below instructions to install in to your Magento Store.

First you need to log into the Magento administrator area, and then go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.

Here, login using the same login as for your Magento administrator area. Once logged in you will see two tabs: Extensions and Settings.

In Extension Tab you can see a browse button, by which you can upload the extension zip you downloaded from your order email.

How to Use Flat Shipping for Per Product

You can add your product in Catalog > Manage Products > Add Product
In add Prouct form you will get a Shipping Price Tab , here you can add price for Per first item and price for per additional item. You can choose countries to which that flat shipping will be allowed and also can set flat shipping for rest of the world.
Both prices were calculated as Flat Shipping price in checkout process.

By this example by which you will have more idea about its working.

Lets suppose you have 3 products

Product A Price=10

Project B Price= 12

Project C Price =30

While adding or editing any Product you will be able to choose 3 things there

1. Shipping price for first copy or first item

2. Shipping price for additional copy of additional quantities in case when a use buying more then 1 product of same type (ie. 3 quantities of Product A).

3. Admin can choose one or many countries to which this shipping will be applied too. He can choose multiple countries.

Suppose You added your shipping this way:

For Product A:

Shipping price for first quantity =5

Shipping price for each additional quantity =3

For Product B:

Shipping Price for first quantity=8

Shipping Price for each additional quantity=5

For Product C:

Shipping Price for first quantity=10

Shipping Price for each additional quantity= 6

So If a user buying 3 Quantities of Product A & 1 Quantity of Product B then his Shipping will be :

Price of 3 Products A= (3×10) = 30

Shipping for first quantity = 5

Shipping for additional quantity= 2×3 = 6 (shipping price for additional quantity was 3 for each additional product of A)

Price for 1 Product B =12

Grand Total = 53


If a user buying 2 Quantities of Product B & 2 Quantity of Product C then Price he have to pay is:

Price for 2 Products B=(2×12) = 24

Shipping for first quantity = 8

Shipping for additional quantity= = 5
Price for 2 Products C=(2×30) = 60

Shipping for first quantity = 10

Shipping for additional quantity= = 6
Grand Total = 113

All these calculations will give you more detailed idea and you can understand how this extension is working.


1.1.1:  Country restriction added for per product 
Initial release of Extension

NOTE:Please logout and login back after installation of Extension, sometime Magento Cache having some issue.

For Questions

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