How to create first visit popup for your store?

The more web development is growing these days, especially in e-commerce. The developers are coming with some out of the box ideas to attract more and more customers to their websites and subscribe to their websites.

One of the most popular way to do this is to show a pop-up on the screen which appears instantly when customer visits any website. The target of this popup is to grab customer details like their name and email address specially. When a customer fills these details and clicks on Subscribe button they allow the website to save their email address and send them special offers and news about the latest blog. It is considered favorable for content marketing. These popups are called First visit popup.

There are many apps and plugins available on the internet to integrate this popup but they may not be available for free and ask to add payment details. To solve this problem, today we will create a custom plugin to add First visit popup our website. We will provide you step by step guide on how to use this free plugin:

  • First of all, we have to add the jQuery library to our website. Since it is very common these days as everyone is using it for custom functionality we can skip this step. But if you are new to this then you have to open this link to get that file.
  • Now include this file into your HTML code. As we know this is JavaScript file, we will include it like this:
    <code><script src=""></script></code>
  • Once we integrate this file into our html code we have to add this code before the <code></body></code> tag into our html file.
  • Now all you have to do is add your element id whose content you want to show in

That’s it, your first visit popup is ready to use.

Now if you well aware of development field then you can also do design modifications to this default popup like adding an image or change background color, etc.


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