Magento Per Product Flat Shipping Extension

Per Product Flat Shipping

Per Product Flat Shipping extension allows you the flexibility to specify a flat rate shipping amount for each first product & an additional product individually.

You also have an option to automatically use the default rate for all products, for which individual shipping rate hasn’t been indicated.
Per Product Flat Rate Shipping Extension allows you the flexibility to add a flat shipping rate for each product in its native configuration.
You can also add flat shipping for per additional product.


• Allows flat rate shipping per first product
• Allows flat rate shipping per additional product
• Free professional installation on community edition

Flat rate shipping extension allows you to specify a flat rate shipping amount for each product individually.


You can install extension by using Magento Connect, It allows you to install free as well paid Magento extensions. You can download extension zip from your order email, and follow the below instructions to install in to your Magento Store. First you need to log into the Magento administrator area, and then go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager. Here, login using the same login as for your Magento administrator area. Once logged in you will see two tabs: Extensions and Settings. In Extension Tab you can see a browse button, by which you can upload the extension zip you downloaded from your order email.

How to Use Flat Shipping for Per Product

You can add your product in Catalog > Manage Products > Add Product In add Product form you will get a Shipping Price Tab , here you can add price for per first item and price for per additional item. Both prices were calculated as flat shipping price in checkout process.


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