Easy Customers Testimonials Magento Extension

Easy Customers Testimonials Magento Extension

We often get feedback from customers who have bought a valuation from our website. The use of testimonials is even more important with the wide-spread use of search engines as the primary vehicle to find your business on the internet.

Easy Testimonial Extension provides you a fully featured testimonial manager for your website. You can customize the Testimonial appearing on Testimonial list page with custom Page title, Testimonials background color, link and text color etc. You also can configure Testimonial Form with optional captcha. Only approved testimonials will display in front-end and in sidebar slider. Admin user can add his own testimonials from Admin panel and also can edit of other user`s Testimonials. Your store Customer can write their own reviews about your site on review form. It showcase the testimonials written by your customers, their Name, Company, Website with their logo Image. Customer can also add ratings as like product review system.

A testimonial from a satisfied customer is the most persuasive that you have a track record for success.

Testimonials Features

  • Testimonial submit form with the option of image, email, website URL, details review and with user`s ratings
  • List Testimonials page shows all testimonials
  • You can show list of Testimonial in your store sidebar too, A jQuery slider enabled for your Testimonial box in sidebar



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